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Site Name Main Address Primary Language Registration Required? Paysite?
Mod the Sims (MTS) English Yes No
Plumb Bob Keep English Yes No
Blacky's Sims Zoo German Yes No
Hat Plays Sims English No No
simlogical English No No
Simbology English No No
Boiling Oil's Grease Pit English No No
More Awesome Than You (MATY) English No No
Paladin's Place (SimWardrobe) English No No
Feenwald (Fairy Forest) English & German No No
Garden of Shadows English No No
Retail Sims English No No
nengi's spot English No No
Delightful Elegance English No No
The Sims Resource (TSR) English Yes Yes (Some free)
All About Style English No No
Affinity Sims English No No
Sims Cave English Yes No
Sims2 Heaven English & Chinese No No
rosesims2 English & Chinese No donation items
Bipsouille Sims French No No
dh-sims-site at Moonsims English No No
Trapping English No No
joedy-76 English No No
Loverat English No No
SAU (sims artist union) English & Chinese No No
The Medieval Smithy English No No

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